Horse Trailer Blue Book

How can I get a trailer value?

Horse Trailer Blue Book is a subscription-based service.  You will need to register/login to access the area where you can search by trailer make/model to find valuations.  We offer three subscription levels to the consumer.

Current Registration Levels and Pricing:

  • $9.99 - A 24-hour, single-user usage for the general public;
  • $59.99 - A 30-day, single-user subscription for retail and finance institutions;
  • $299.00 - Annual subscription fee, which includes up to 8 users, is ideal for financial institutions and governmental usage.

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Another option to discover comparable values is to browse the wide variety of trailers that are for sale on You can see what similar trailers are being sold for and price your trailer accordingly.

Do you offer a printable valuation?

Yes. Once you find the trailer you are looking for, we offer a "Printable View" option that will allow you to print a copy of the trailer specifications and value.

What if you don't have an online value for my trailer?

Please contact us to see if we can obtain a value for you.

How do you obtain values? 

Prices are derived from the MSRP, retail dealer input, and actual sales records. Depreciated values are subject to change based on several market factors including manufacturer viablility, brand presence, and durability. Older model pricing is much more variable - subject to trailer condition.

What values are provided?

Prices provided include base MSRP, Avg Retail, Wholesale, the ability to add options and a final total value that includes the selected options.

I am a trailer manufacturer. How can I get my brand in the blue book?

There is a one time cost of $1,000. The price includes a free, one-year banner on with a link to all of your online dealers (

Please email us for more information.